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Alfonso Loera was the innocent victim of a violent crime.
In August of 2000 he was shot during an attempted
robbery, and he died three weeks later.

He was just 35 years old.

Alfonso Loera never met Aaron Copland,
one of America's most famous composers.
They lived in different cities, were of
different generations, and walked very
different paths in life. But if they had
met, they would have shared one thing in
common: their love for music. And the belief
that music comes straight from the soul.

Music was Alfonso's life. He was a gifted
musician, well known, yet he was never caught
up in his own talent, nor did he seek personal
recognition. He just did what he loved. He
played music. He inspired others to play music.
And he continuously touched the hearts of
everyone who heard him perform.

Although Alfonso's life was tragically cut short in
September of 2000, his spirit lives on. No one will ever
forget him, and no one will forget the musical legacy
he left behind. If there is one thing he would want,
it would be for others to learn how music can change
and transform their lives. He would want to inspire
and help young people to study and learn about music.
He would want his musical spirit to live forever.

The Alfonso Loera Music Scholarship Fund will keep Alfonso's
dream alive. It will enable young musicians to pursue their
musical goals, without being hindered by financial need. It
will allow them the opportunity to make music part of their lives.
And in the process, it will remind them that this gift
is possible because of Alfonso Loera, a very special
person whom they were never fortunate enough to meet.

Throughout his life, Alfonso touched many people with his music.
This scholarship fund, administered through the Community Foundation
for Muskegon County, will help people continue making beautiful
music in memory long into the future.

If Alfonso were still with us, he would say that there's no finer way to honor him.

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